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Eyebrows Tesla Model 3

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Eyebrows / øyenbryn for frontlyktene til Tesla Model 3. Folie som gir Tesla Model 3 et mer sportslig preg. 

Info på norsk kommer snart. Se video nederst på siden for monteringsvideo. 

Looking for a more aggressive look to the front of your Model 3? Well look no further! Thanks to a fellow Model 3 owner (FrostyFingers, find his YouTube channel here), we've created an easy-to-apply vinyl decal that covers the top area of the daytime running lights, and makes for a more aggressive reveal line. The decal doesn't cover the main headlight at all, so there's no loss of visibility. Choose from the usual colors to match the paint on your Model 3, satin black, carbon fiber or matrix black. Because the vinyl allows some light through, it's necessary to apply two layers, so these are supplied as a set of four (two for each side). For all non-black colors, a darker/light-blocking layer will be supplied, and must be used as the first layer. For black colors, you'll still get two pairs, although one should suffice, so the other can be used as a spare.

Abstract Ocean

Abstract Ocean

Amerikansk leverandør som har spesialisert seg på Tesla-tilbehør. 

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